Thursday, June 1, 2017

The United Nations Has Done to Israel what Israel has done to God

Some with a pre-conceived agenda may disagree but in my mind, Israel is probably the most compassionate country in the world. 

When Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake in 2015, the tiny country of Israel deployed more aid personnel than any other country in the world1.

In 2010, when Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake which killed over 300,000 people and left over 1 million people homeless, Israel, along with a handful of other countries each, deployed over 1000 aid workers per nation to help in the relief effort2.

Since 1957 Israel has provided relief assistance to 140 countries which have faced disastrous circumstances3 in efforts to feed the homeless, heal the wounded and save and restore the lives of millions.

Israel is a compassionate country made up of people whose history has turned them into a compassionate people.

Israel not only exceeds in compassion but it is a leader in Agricultural technology, solar power technology, medical technology, Artificial Intelligence and a whole slew of other areas of development4.

Yet despite Israel’s exemplary record on human rights as the only democracy in the Middle East, her display of compassion, and her technological achievements, much of the world seems to remain staunchly against her very existence.

In December of last year, the United Nations passed Resolution 2334 which states that any Israeli settlements in the West Bank and in Jerusalem are illegal according to international law.  In essence, this makes Israel a pariah on the world stage.  The resolution was based upon the assumption that the legitimate boundaries of Israel were the boundaries it had prior to the 1967 war in which Israel pushed back against Arab aggression.  The resolution declares that prior to 1967 that territory was Palestinian territory. 

If the UN had done its homework, it may have noticed that prior to 1946, the majority of the population of that territory was Jewish and that it had been ethnically cleansed by the nation of Jordan.  Furthermore, the majority of Jerusalem had been Jewish.  Additionally, the definition of a “Palestinian” was a resident of the territory be he Arab or Jew.  Israel merely won that territory back in a defensive war.

But history is inconvenient to the so-called contemporary “Palestinian” cause.  If the UN had really done its homework they might have also discovered that the city known as Jerusalem is mentioned over 760 times in the Bible.  The Quran, the “holy book” of the majority of Palestinians, doesn’t even mention Jerusalem once.  Yet the UN wants to award Jerusalem to people who have no historical claim to it and prior to 1946 were a minority population there.  I can’t help but recount my amusement when I’d seen an article in the New York Times which declared that a Palestinian museum had been dedicated in May of last year and had opened without any exhibits5.  As I researched this essay, I see that it still has no exhibits.  Might I suggest that the reason for this museums dearth of exhibits is because contemporary Palestinians have no history in the West bank and that, in fact, by definition, they were Jordanians!

But I’m not going to let Israel off the hook in this essay because what the UN has done to Israel is precisely what Israel has done to God.  JUDAISM (the religion) IS A DENIAL OF HISTORY!  Some 2000 years ago the God of the Universe… the God of the ancestors of the Jewish people… the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, entered upon the human stage of history as THE TSADIK (THE righteous one)… the very actualization of the way that God would be should He become a man and the way that man should be but is not.  “He was rejected by His own and His own did not receive Him” (Yochenon 1:11).  He experienced a horrific, unwarranted death, which enabled Him to experience full empathy with the human condition, and He conquered death.  There is ample evidence to support this claim.  I need only site Roman records which were meticulously kept of individuals undergoing martyrdom because they had actually witnessed the resurrection of this man from the dead.  I can see dying for a military or a national cause or dying in the process of trying to save a loved one, but dying because you saw someone raised from the dead is absurd unless, of course, it’s true.  There are other arguments based on history and archeology which defend the historical account of Jesus many of which are discussed in books like those of Josh MacDowell’s, “More Evidence that Demands a Verdict” (Footnote 6) and Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ” (Footnote 7)

Of course, this evidence can be disputed but dare I suggest that it is disputed in the same fashion as the UN disputes the Jewish claim to Jerusalem and the west bank.  History is distorted in the name of politics and theology.  Consequently, like a chain reaction set off by historical distortion, reality is also distorted.

Truth takes a back seat to presumptuous theology. Hence, the UN has done to Israel what Israel has done to God.


  1. Watch out. It has been this thinking that is responsible for 2000 years of prejudice against the Jews. If he had not been executed, there would be no forgiveness for sin and no way for prayer to enter the Holy of Holies in the heavens. Only a blood sacrifice of an innocent would atone for sin. A sacrifice is only a sacrifice if there is death to the sacrificed one. G-D wrapped up both Jews and Gentiles in this sacrifice bc Rome ruled the Gentile nations and therefore spoke for them, and the Sanhedrin ruled the Jews. Both executed Jesus.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Zekana. I agree whole-heartedly that Jesus' blood sacrifice was and is necessary for atonement... for both Jew and Gentile. I also agree that the Romans were complicit in carrying out that act. That does not mean, however, that the majority of post-second century Jews up until those of contemporary times, ought to deny the historicity of this event in every one of its aspects, including Jesus' resurrection. And dare I say, the theological implications are a reflection of an accurate historicity.

      This holds true even more so for Islam which pays lip service to Jesus and not only denies His deity but His death and resurrection as well.