Saturday, June 3, 2017

An Open Letter to Franklin Graham

I sincerely appreciate the work you do.  You, like I, have a burden for America to come to repentance.  You have a heart for lost souls as do I.  Your work with Samaritan’s Purse is very commendable.  Yet, out of fear of sounding like one of the letters to the seven Churches in Revelation, “I have this against you”.  You are insensitive to the Jew.

As you undoubtedly know...
Peter was a Jew
Mark was a Jew
John was a Jew
James was a Jew
Paul was a Jew
Jude was a Jew
Barnabas was a Jew
The writer of Hebrews was a Jew.
The first martyr was a Jew
Jesus Himself, came as a Jew
There are some who argue, and rather convincingly, that Luke was also a Jew.

None of these facts are conveyed and yet I hear from your podium “A crowd of Jews cried “Crucify Him (Jesus). Crucify Him”.

I’ll not deny the truth of your quote.  It’s in scripture and it’s an historical fact.  Yet, the fact that it was Jews who brought the Gospel to the Gentiles is brushed under the rug as irrelevant by most of Christendom.

I would like, if you don’t mind, to consider your audience.  Your target, as I understand it, should be unbelievers who are curious about what you have to say about Jesus. 

And what is an unbeliever who comes to believe in Jesus called?  He is considered as “Born again”.  And what is someone who is born again?  He is a “babe” in Christ.  And what do babes drink?  MILK.  And the Word of God, our Bible, is regarded as nourishment for the believer.  Paul, in 1 Corinthians, implies that the Bible contains milk for the young believer and solid food for the mature believer.  And so you have included in the milk that you are serving the potentially new believer, whittingly or otherwise,  the position that “the Jews killed Christ”.  (As an aside I'm sure you agree that it was in collaboration with the Romans). Only if he delves into the scripture will the "new born" learn that it was also the Jews who brought the Gospel to the Gentile... maybe.

Jews of the pale in Russia used to die at the hands of people who poured out of passion plays incensed with the desire to take revenge on those “Christ Killers”.  And so, I rhetorically ask “Would a white person feel at home attending a Louis Farrakhan rally?”  “Would a black man feel particularly comfortable attending a Ku Klux Klan rally?”  Therefore, Why would a Jew attend a Franklin Graham meeting if he knows that his people are going to be demonized as has been the case by Gentile Christians for the past 1900 years? 

I know, beyond a doubt, that that is not your desire.  I’m not asking for you to deny or reject history, but I am asking that you might ask God on how you might become more sensitive on this issue.

You’re a good man and I sincerely  appreciate your work.

God bless you,

Benyomin Ellegant
(A fellow babe in Christ) :-)
K'hilat Memphis
(Memphis Fellowship)

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